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      When it comes to injuries obtained at work, most people think of logging, construction, or other dangerous jobs. However, you may be surprised to learn that many office workers develop injuries to their backs, necks, and wrists. Keeping the same posture for hours each day can be a severe strain on the body. With […]

  • serious complications involving the other vertebrae and the spinal cord

    Understanding Compression Fractures of the Vertebrae

    Though our bodies seem fairly sturdy from one day to the next, there are actually many things that can go wrong. The spine, which sees a lot of wear and tear, is one of the more vulnerable parts of the body. Here is a brief overview of vertebral compression fractures and what they could mean […]

  • take proper care of your spine

    Your Spine is the Key to Your Health and Wellness

    Over millions of years, countless species have evolved to adapt to their habitats. Vertebrate animals slowly developed a spine in order to have a frame that would aid survival. Today, the spine is more intricate and functional than ever before. This article will briefly go over the spine and its importance to personal well-being. Why […]

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      Whether due to a major accident or sustained discomfort, spinal cord injuries comprise a large percentage of injuries in the United States. Since the spinal cord is essential for movement, it’s important that you keep it healthy. Give the Spine Institute of Nevada a call at (702) 239-3787 for more information. What is whiplash […]

  • Scheuermann Disease Health Byte

    The human spine is a vital part of our body structure—even the slightest spinal condition can affect the entire body.  In this short video, you can learn about Scheuermann disease—a condition characterized by a curvature of the spine. Scheuermann disease occurs during childhood, and symptoms can range from poor posture to severe pain. If you […]