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    When it comes to injuries obtained at work, most people think of logging, construction, or other dangerous jobs. However, you may be surprised to learn that many office workers develop injuries to their backs, necks, and wrists.

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  • Understanding Compression Fractures of the Vertebrae

    Though our bodies seem fairly sturdy from one day to the next, there are actually many things that can go wrong. The spine, which sees a lot of wear and tear, is one of the more vulnerable parts of the body. Here is a brief overview of vertebral compression fractures and what they could mean for you.

    What is a compression fracture?

    A vertebral compression fracture is when one or more of the bones in your spine break, usually as a result of severe trauma. Though compression fractures can occur anywhere in the spine, they most commonly occur in the lumbar region, or lower back. Those who have osteoporosis (reduced bone density) are at higher risk of suffering from a compression fracture, as this condition causes bones to be more brittle.

    How can it affect me?

    If you’re suffering from a compression fracture, then you’ll know it before too long. Symptoms of a vertebral compression fracture include numbness, tingling, weakness, and severe pain. If left untreated, then a compression fracture could lead to abnormal spine curvature and serious complications involving the other vertebrae and the spinal cord.

    How can it be treated?

    Luckily, there are a few excellent treatment options for compression fractures. If a back brace, bed rest, or medication doesn’t work, then a minimally-invasive vertebroplasty procedure can go a long way toward relieving symptoms. A kyphoplasty—a surgical procedure that involves an inflatable balloon—is another great way to relieve pressure and pain. If you’re feeling any sort of back pain, then it’s vital that you see a spine specialist as soon as possible.

    Your spine is too important to ignore. If you suspect that you might have a compression fracture or any other serious spine-related issue contact the Spine Institute of Nevada . Whether you’re feeling pain or discomfort in the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar region of your spine, we’ve got the expertise necessary to make you feel much better. Call (702) 239-3787 today to schedule an appointment.

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  • Your Spine is the Key to Your Health and Wellness

    Over millions of years, countless species have evolved to adapt to their habitats. Vertebrate animals slowly developed a spine in order to have a frame that would aid survival. Today, the spine is more intricate and functional than ever before. This article will briefly go over the spine and its importance to personal well-being.

    Why is the spine so important?

    Made up of 33 linked bones called vertebrae, the spine is essential for walking, running, bending over, and movement in general. Also, the spine is important because it protects the spinal cord—the vital bundle of nervous tissue through which nerve impulses pass to and from the brain.

    How to take care of your spine

    Since you’ve only got one spine, it’s vital to do everything you can to take proper care of it. This includes eating healthy, exercising, stretching, buying ergonomic furniture, maintaining good posture, and making sure that you use your knees when lifting heavy objects. Although it is an amazing part of the body, the spine requires a great deal of attention.

    Spine complications and how to treat them

    If you suffer from severe trauma or fail to take proper care of your spine, then you could experience dire consequences. Consistently bent posture could eventually result in sharp pain or numbness caused by a herniated disc. If left untreated, then a spinal injury can quickly affect your general health—for example, limited mobility can cause you to gain weight, putting even more strain on your spine. As soon as you notice symptoms, your best option is to visit a spine specialist who can perform a minimally invasive procedure that will ease your pain.

    If you are experiencing back pain, then visit the Spine Institute of Nevada . Dr. Perry has extensive experience treating degenerative spine conditions, spinal deformities, and a wide variety of neck and back pain. Schedule an appointment by calling (702) 239-3787 .

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  • Scheuermann Disease Health Byte

    The human spine is a vital part of our body structure—even the slightest spinal condition can affect the entire body. 

    In this short video, you can learn about Scheuermann disease—a condition characterized by a curvature of the spine. Scheuermann disease occurs during childhood, and symptoms can range from poor posture to severe pain. If you suspect that your child has Scheuermann disease, then it’s important to alert a doctor as soon as possible and begin treatment.

    Don’t let a condition like Scheuermann disease negatively impact your child’s life—contact the Spine Institute of Nevada . We provide a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures to correct all kinds of spinal conditions, so call us today at (702) 239-3787 .