• What Is the Correct Posture for Back Support?

    The way that you sit, stand, and position yourself through movement will affect the health of your spine because of the distinct curvature in the spine. This video can help you keep a proper posture when you are sitting down so that a neutral position is maintained. You may benefit from an ergonomic chair or […]

  • Did You Enjoy Reading Our Articles On Spine Health? Then Click Ahead For Even More Useful Information!

      Many Americans suffer from back pain and are not aware of the potential causes or treatments. Find a solution for your suffering by contacting the Spine Institute of Nevada . Our experts use a variety of solutions to treat spine injuries and back pain. Contact us today at (702) 239-3787 ! For additional information about […]

  • Tips on Caring for a Back Injury

    After injuring your back, it is important to make lifestyle changes to avoid further damage and promote healing. In this clip, you’ll learn some of the things you can do to care for your back. Rest is important directly after an injury, but in general, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic back pain, so […]

  • sports pose a risk to your spine

    Tips on How to Enjoy Your Favorite Sports With Minimal Risk to Your Spine

    Sports are a fun and exciting way to get healthy, exercise, and socialize. However, as healthy as exercise is for the health of your muscles and organs, certain sports pose a risk to your spine. Here are some tips for keeping your spine safe during vigorous activities. Stretch Make sure to warm up for several […]