• know about the vertebroplasty procedure

    Can a Vertebroplasty Put an End to Your Pain?

    If you suffer from back pain or neck pain that isn’t responding to conservative treatments like bed rest and physical therapy, a vertebroplasty could be the answer for you. This procedure provides immediate pain relief for many patients, and since it is minimally invasive, the recovery doesn’t require a long hospital stay. Here’s what you […]

  • Scoliosis Health Byte

    Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that can range from mild to severe. Scoliosis usually develops during childhood, but it is also possible to develop secondary scoliosis as you age. There are a range of treatments for scoliosis available, depending on the severity of the condition. With this video, you can learn about the […]

  • warming up muscles to keep spine safe

    How a Proper Warm-Up Before Athletic Competition Can Help Prevent Spinal Injuries

    Back pain doesn’t have to leave you on the sidelines during athletic competitions and activities. With proper warm-up techniques, you can still participate in the game while preventing spinal injuries. Here’s what you need to know about warming up your muscles to keep your spine safe. Increases Circulation It’s never a good idea to jump […]