• office chair should have a cushioned back

    What is the Relationship Between You and Your Office Chair?

    Did you know that one of the biggest influences on your spine health is your office chair? The chair you use and the way that you choose to sit in it can have major implications for back pain , neck pain, and general spinal health. Is your office chair setting you up for back problems? […]

  • How to Sit in Front of a Computer

    If you think that only movers and construction workers put their backs at risk everyday on the job, you would be mistaken. When working at a computer, it is common to curve your back and hunch close to your screen, which can cause back strain . The good news is that there are a few […]

  • symptom of pain

    The Purpose of Pain

    When you’re in pain, you likely have only one goal—to get out of it. Believe it or not, pain is not always a bad thing. Although it may be unpleasant, pain can also be an important part of staying healthy. Simply treating the symptom of pain can even be dangerous. This fact is especially true […]

  • say goodbye to back pain

    What The Spine Institute Of Nevada Can Do For You And Your Pain

    There’s no need to suffer with back and neck pain. The Spine Institute of Nevada can help you beat your spinal pain and get back to your life. To learn more about spine health, browse these links. To find out how you can say goodbye to back pain for good, call the Spine Institute of […]