• A Patient’s Guide to Kyphosis

    Spinal deformities can have more than just cosmetic implications. They can also lead to chronic back pain and reduced organ function in the chest cavity. Kyphosis is one such spinal deformity that children and adults alike can experience. Without spine treatment, it can lead to progressive health problems.

    Kyphosis Treatment in Las Vegas, LV

    What are the signs of kyphosis?

    Kyphosis is often visible to the eye. This condition presents as an abnormal curvature of the upper back region . Due to this extreme curvature, individuals with kyphosis may find it challenging to stand up straight. Their irregular stance may place excessive strain on the structures that make up the spinal column, leading to back discomfort. When kyphosis becomes so severe that the bones in the upper chest cavity lean upon the lungs, sufferers may also experience respiratory difficulties.

    Why does kyphosis occur?

    Kyphosis can present at birth, but in many cases, it results from other medical conditions. The vertebrae of the spinal column help to maintain the back’s upright position. Should these bones suffer from density deterioration, the back may assume a more curved stance. Therefore, individuals suffering from osteoporosis may also develop kyphosis. Other degenerative conditions, including degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis, may lead to kyphosis as well.

    How can a spine specialist treat kyphosis?

    Professional treatment can help to manage and even reverse the effects of kyphosis. The most severe cases of this condition might require minimally invasive surgery to repair damaged vertebrae with materials that reinforce the stability of these bones. However, more mild spine problems may demand only temporary brace treatment and medication to counteract curvature and pain complications. Physical activity that bolsters muscle strength around the affected part of the spinal column may also improve the symptoms of this condition.Do you suspect that you might suffer from kyphosis? If you have upper back pain coupled with pronounced spinal rounding, call the Spine Institute of Nevada at (888) 451-3144 . We can provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to determine the nature of your condition and advise on appropriate treatment methods for it.

  • Spotlight on Three Common Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures

    Medical advancements are making surgical procedures more effective in both addressing spinal problems and facilitating patient recovery. The Spine Institute of Nevada is proud to offer patients numerous minimally invasive treatment options that can safely remedy their pain and mobility concerns while affording fast healing times. The following information highlights several of these procedures.

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    The bones that make up the spinal column can be vulnerable to any number of conditions that may compromise their strength. Injuries, malignant growths, and osteoporosis can all produce vertebrae breaks that cannot heal on their own. When the vertebrae remain weak or broken, the spinal column can suffer from instability, and patients may experience ongoing pain. Kyphoplasty can correct the problems that damaged vertebrae cause by introducing artificial substances that strengthen the bones and restore their form .

    Lumbar Posterior Fusion

    In some cases, it is the intervertebral discs that deteriorate spinal column function. When healthy, the intervertebral discs provide a cushion between the vertebrae. This cushion can withstand considerable weight and force to keep bones from scraping against each other. Should degenerative disc disease or a disc herniation impede the protection of the vertebrae, a person with either condition can experience substantial discomfort. Lumbar posterior fusion can eliminate lower back pain by removing the affected disc and cementing the vertebrae to stop painful bone abrasion.

    Cervical Discectomy

    Both the vertebrae and intervertebral discs act as a protective barrier between the spine and outside forces. However, some conditions can lead to pressure on the nerves that extend from the spine, which may result in limited movement and sensation. Cervical discectomy can alleviate stress on the nerves by removing the structure applying force to them. In many cases, cervical discectomy may remove a disc damaged by herniation that is pressing upon a nearby nerve. With the removal of this structure, the patient can enjoy reduced discomfort and easier back movement.The Spine Institute of Nevada offers comprehensive spine treatment options that cater to the individual needs of our patients. Whether you suffer from a fractured vertebra or herniated disc, we have the medical resources you need to regain your health and mobility. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Perry, call (888) 451-3144 .

  • Understanding Our Billing and Insurance Procedures

    Billing & Insurance - Spine Institute of Las Vegas

    The Spine Institute of Nevada understands that complex insurance policies can sometimes translate into patient frustration. For this reason, we offer phone services dedicated to helping our patients understand the financial expectations of their spine treatments.

    Our Las Vegas office welcomes all patients regardless of their insurance coverage. However, patients lacking insurance or using a company that we do not accept are expected to provide payment for their services prior to surgical treatment. Doctor visits may also incur an initial $300 charge for uninsured patients; additional charges may be included depending on the nature of the visit. Patients with compatible insurance plans may still be responsible for charges should their policies include deductible or co-payment stipulations. In cases where patients have accepted insurance plans, the Spine Institute of Nevada forwards all medical expenses for both office and hospital services to their providers.

    The Spine Institute of Nevada is here to help you navigate your financial options. Call us today at (888) 451-3144 to learn more about our payment policies. We also encourage you to contact us for information on our back pain and neck pain relief services for the greater Nevada region.