• A patient’s guide to kyphosis

    A Patient’s Guide to Kyphosis

    Spinal deformities can have more than just cosmetic implications. They can also lead to chronic back pain and reduced organ function in the chest cavity. Kyphosis is one such spinal deformity that children and adults alike can experience. Without spine treatment, it can lead to progressive health problems. What are the signs of kyphosis? Kyphosis […]

  • comprehensive spine treatment options

    Spotlight on Three Common Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures

    Medical advancements are making surgical procedures more effective in both addressing spinal problems and facilitating patient recovery. The Spine Institute of Nevada is proud to offer patients numerous minimally invasive treatment options that can safely remedy their pain and mobility concerns while affording fast healing times. The following information highlights several of these procedures. Kyphoplasty […]

  • understand that complex insurance policies

    Understanding Our Billing and Insurance Procedures

    The Spine Institute of Nevada understands that complex insurance policies can sometimes translate into patient frustration. For this reason, we offer phone services dedicated to helping our patients understand the financial expectations of their spine treatments. Our Las Vegas office welcomes all patients regardless of their insurance coverage. However, patients lacking insurance or using a […]