• Defining Sciatica

    Sciatica is often mistaken for a primary condition that causes spinal pain, but it is actually the result of other conditions such as slipped discs or spinal compression fractures that irritate the sciatic nerve. As this video explains, the sciatic nerve is at the base of the spine, and it may cause symptoms throughout the lower body when it is under pressure from lumbar spinal injuries. If you have back pain along with numbness or tingling that runs down the legs, you may have a condition that is compressing your sciatic nerve.

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  • Breaking Down Myths About Back Pain

    While back pain is one of the most common reasons for American adults to miss work and visit the ER, there are still many misconceptions that surround the causes and treatment options for this problem. This article will reveal the facts behind a handful of back pain myths to clear up any misunderstanding you may have about spinal injuries and disorders .

    Myths About Back Pain

    Myth: Massages can cure back pain

    Therapeutic massage does have its benefits for certain kinds of back pain, as it improves blood flow to injured tissues and promotes relaxation in the muscles surrounding the spine. However, you should not use massage as a substitute for medical treatment, as it could complicate certain conditions in which the vertebrae are injured or damaged.

    Myth: Pain tends to be sudden and severe

    Many people believe that back pain won’t show any warning signs, but the pain is often the cumulative effect of bad habits or other diagnosable conditions like osteoporosis. You might only feel some soreness or discomfort as back problems develop, but these issues can rapidly worsen and lead to the sharp and severe pain more commonly associated with back problems.

    Myth: Your doctor will immediately suggest surgical treatment

    Some patients are hesitant to seek treatment for spinal pain because they assume that surgery is the first and only answer. In fact, most surgeons will suggest alternative treatment modalities, to begin with, so that surgery is not performed when it is not needed. Even when surgery is a viable option, it may be an easier process than you think with today’s minimally invasive spinal surgery procedures.

    Myth: Rest will put you on the path to recovery

    Bed rest is not always the best solution to ease back pain, as resting can further weaken the muscles that support the spine, thereby worsening the primary issue. You might need to take it easy with your routine, but it is important to also utilize specialized exercises that help promote a faster recovery and lower chances for re-injury.

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  • Spotlight on Surgical Disc Replacement

    Surgical Disc Replacement The spinal discs are soft yet resilient pads that serve as shock absorbers to help keep the spine flexible and strong. There are discs between each set of spinal vertebrae, which ideally stay in line with the rest of the spine. After certain injuries or as a result of age-related degeneration, however, spinal discs may lose their volume and protrude outward, leading to a wide range of problems for patients. Friction can occur as spinal vertebrae make contact, or the protruding disc may irritate a nearby nerve and lead to numbness of the extremities in addition to back pain.

    Surgical disc replacement is a procedure that is intended to address a single herniated or collapsed disc in younger patients who are able to recover somewhat quickly. During the procedure, the damaged disc will be removed through minimally invasive surgical techniques. An artificial disk will be implanted in its place to preserve the flexibility and natural movement of the spine.

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  • Get the Facts About Spinal Compression Fractures

    Spinal Compression Fracture X-ray in Las Vegas When you think of bone fractures, you might envision a clean break of the bone caused by direct impact to the injured area. In the spine, however, fractures tend to look a little different, as they are often caused by building pressure within the spine that eventually creates small hairline fractures in the vertebrae. As these tiny fractures worsen and continue to weaken the bones, vertebrae may collapse and create a wedge that protrudes from the spine, causing a good deal of pain and discomfort in the process. Below you can learn more about these spinal compression fractures so that you do not end up ignoring symptoms that should be addressed with specialized care.

    Bone thinning leads to fractures

    Most people don’t realize that bones are composed of living tissue that is always regenerating. As the body ages, bones may not regenerate fully, so there are bigger holes left in the porous bone structure. This bone thinning process is called osteoporosis, and it creates a much larger risk for fractures. With the bones in such a fragile state, the impact of everyday activities may be enough to cause a series of small fractures.

    Compression fractures may not be immediately diagnosed

    Surprisingly, there are many people living with spinal compression fractures who do not even know it. Back pain can have a wide range of causes, and a number of people falsely assume that back pain is totally normal. However, what seems like a simple back ache now could be the early signs of weakening bones in the spine. This is why it’s important to consult a doctor whenever pain persists for more than a day or two.

    Older adults are at the highest risk

    Because osteoporosis is more common in adults over 50, this age group is also at the highest risk for spinal compression fractures. Other factors that affect your risk include gender (women are more likely to suffer bone density loss than men), being overweight, and cigarette smoking. Certain types of cancer also put people at risk, because the cancer can spread to the bones and weaken them from within. In some cases, the fracture will be the first sign of these types of cancer.

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