• Defining Sciatica

    Sciatica is often mistaken for a primary condition that causes spinal pain, but it is actually the result of other conditions such as slipped discs or spinal compression fractures that irritate the sciatic nerve. As this video explains, the sciatic nerve is at the base of the spine, and it may cause symptoms throughout the […]

  • Breaking Down Myths About Back Pain

    While back pain is one of the most common reasons for American adults to miss work and visit the ER, there are still many misconceptions that surround the causes and treatment options for this problem. This article will reveal the facts behind a handful of back pain myths to clear up any misunderstanding you may […]

  • Spotlight on Surgical Disc Replacement

    The spinal discs are soft yet resilient pads that serve as shock absorbers to help keep the spine flexible and strong. There are discs between each set of spinal vertebrae, which ideally stay in line with the rest of the spine. After certain injuries or as a result of age-related degeneration, however, spinal discs may […]

  • Get the Facts About Spinal Compression Fractures

    When you think of bone fractures, you might envision a clean break of the bone caused by direct impact to the injured area. In the spine, however, fractures tend to look a little different, as they are often caused by building pressure within the spine that eventually creates small hairline fractures in the vertebrae. As […]