A Brief Look at Thoracic Lateral Fusion Surgery

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A Look at Thoracic Lateral Fusion Surgery Pain in the middle of the back can develop from any number of conditions, including damaged discs and fractured vertebrae. In some cases, surgery is the best option to address these problems. However, if treatment is needed to correct issues at the front of the spinal column, surgery can prove difficult, as major organs obstruct this region. To provide patients with the pain relief they deserve without putting their health in undue peril, spine surgeons may decide to perform thoracic lateral fusion. What sets this type of procedure apart from other spinal surgical processes is the location through which the surgeon accesses the damaged structure. Instead of making an incision through the front of the body, the surgeon makes it through the patient’s side. This allows for easier surgical treatment, as it bypasses major organs. Patients often enjoy more rapid healing periods as well.

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