• Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Treatment in Las Vegas NV

    Common Questions About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    Got questons about minimally invasive spine surgery and need answers? Spine doctors generally prefer that patients recover through conservative or nonsurgical treatment methods. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. If your doctor has told you that you might need spine surgery, you should become fully informed about the procedure before moving forward with it. Depending on […]

  • A Closer Look at Wearing and Caring for Your Back Brace

    Minimally invasive surgery isn’t always the best choice for patients with scoliosis . Many patients with mild degrees of abnormal spine curvatures may only need to wear a custom-fitted back brace while their bodies are still growing. Compliance is important to get the most benefit out of your back brace. Before leaving your fitting appointment, […]

  • Scoliosis Treatment

    Is Your Child Complying with Scoliosis Treatment?

    Young people with scoliosis frequently have to wear back braces to ease the curvature of the spine, but despite the benefits of this kind of treatment, many patients are hesitant to comply. Wearing a brace can make children with scoliosis worried about everything from acceptance from their peers to how a brace will affect their […]