• What Is a Laminectomy?

    If you have spinal stenosis, you may experience back pain if pressure is being exerted on your spinal cord. To solve this problem, your spine doctor might recommend a surgery known as a laminectomy. The lamina is the bony covering on the back of the vertebra. It covers the spinal canal. During a laminectomy, your spine surgeon will remove part of the lamina. This creates more space within the spinal canal and relieves pressure on your spinal cord.

    You can hear more about this surgery by watching this interview with a physician. He explains the spine problems that a laminectomy can resolve and offers some guidance on the typical recovery timeline for spine surgery patients.

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  • Understanding Lumbar Laminectomy

    Understanding Lumbar Laminectomy For Back Pain If you’re suffering from back problems in Las Vega s, a lumbar laminectomy could be the solution. This minimally invasive surgery is used to treat nerve pain in the back. Only a small incision is required, so patient recovery time is short.

    Your spine surgeon may recommend a lumbar laminectomy if you have a pinched nerve in your lumbar spine caused by a disc or piece of bone. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove a part of the lamina—a bone around the spinal canal. Removing the lamina eases pressure on the pinched nerve so it no longer causes pain. To ensure accuracy, your surgeon may use an X-ray during the operation to guide the procedure.

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