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We Treat a Variety of Conditions at Spine Institute of Nevada

The most common of which include:

Slipped Discs Treatments in Las Vegas, NV

Slipped Discs

The spinal column consists of bones that are stacked on top of one another. In between each bone is a disc, which provides cushioning. When one slips out of place, it is called a herniated disc – or slipped disc. The result is a painful condition that is relieved through numerous procedures, including lumbar decompression.


Lumbar Spine Stenosis

Inside your spinal column is a tunnel, where all of the nerves run. When the canal narrows, the resulting condition – spinal stenosis – can cause pain and create problems with walking and mobility. Like with slipped discs, one of the most common treatment methods is lumbar decompression.


Kyphosis occurs when the spine does not develop properly. Specifically, it causes the spine to curve at an unnatural angle. In mild cases, the symptoms are minimal at best. However, more severe cases cause excruciating pain. In most cases, we will not perform surgery unless the situation is dire, instead choosing to focus on effective therapeutic solutions.

Lumbar Spine Stenosis in Las Vegas, NV


Scoliosis also causes a malformation of the spine but instead of a rounded curve, it causes it to bend at a sideways angle. The most common signs of scoliosis include uneven shoulders, waist, and more. We can treat scoliosis through various methods, including braces and therapy. In some cases spinal fusion surgery is necessary.

Our Treatment Methods Will Bring You Relief

Spine Institute of Nevada is well respected for its ability to deliver effective treatments to our patients. No matter what spinal condition one suffers from, a procedure or therapy can help. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

Get the Help You Need for Your Spine Condition