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Dr. Perry did such an awesome job on my back!

Hi, I just wanted to tell the doctors, nurses, and therapists what a great job they did when I was injured on 5/6/2011. I was with my son in southern Utah when I had an ATV accident. I was flown to the UMC Trauma Center with a broken back and woke up after being there for 5 days. The trauma ICU was the best I have ever experienced. The nurses, physical therapists, respiratory therapists , and doctors were some of the best I have encountered. I was a general surgeon who switched to general practice in 2005. Dee was one of my nurses; she was top notch as were all the others. Dr Perry did such an awesome job on my back that I am now jogging close to .75 miles without stopping. I understand that I lost close to 3 liters of blood and the surgery lasted 6-8 hours.

I never met Dr. Fildes however he has created a remarkable trauma ICU where the attention to detail is what separates UMC from the rest. I trained at Henry Ford and DMC in Detroit which are good places, however the trauma ICU at UMC was clearly the best I have ever seen. The therapists in Detroit are shocked as to how far I have come and so am I. I also think I saw a Dr. Casey along with many other physicians, residents and medical students.

My son and I are coming back to Utah/Vegas in June and I would like the opportunity to personally thank some of the doctors, nurses, and other people who took care of me. I probably would not be alive if it was not for the UMC trauma center!

Sincerly, F.A.

F.A. F.A. May 6, 2011

Dr. Perry, Thank you for saving my life

Dr perry,

Thank you for saving my life on 5/6/11 at umc. You did an anterior and posterior repair of my spine. I am currently walking non stop over 400 ft and I am regaining strength in my left leg. You guys are amazing. I hope you take time out to smell the roses.


Frank A.

July 1, 2011

Dr. Perry Changed My Life” Spine Institute of Nevada’s New 5 …

Dr. Perry's has changed my life. Until my first appoiintment and diagnosis I was not aware of what was actually wrong. Dr. Perry confidently assured me he could treat the bone spur I had that fused my top three vertibrae. I was at first reluctant to allow him to go on with the surgery but after living with the resulting problems, i.e., inability to swallow food and medication because the bone spur was cutting off my airway and esophagus, I decided to go ahead with the surgery. The result is those problems are non-exsistant now and I'm feeling much better. This was a delicate type of surgery and required a surgeon with special qualifications. Dr. Perry was that doctor. I recommend him highly and thank god for his services and abilities.

Robert De Sales Robert De Sales February 16, 2012

Amazing New 5-Star Review on Cast page on 6.15.12

As an RN for 35 years, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Perry recently by an urgent care. When I read his credentials, I wondered if he would have the time that a "new" patient with a back injury needs. He is an amazing physician with a bedside manner to match! He spent the time to answer my questions, explain my options and reassure me. Over the years, many physicians I have worked with of his caliber do not possess the ability to be both kind and professional. Thank you for the care you provided to me!

Jana Hou R.N. Jana Hou R.N. June 15, 2012

Dr. Perry and his staff are truly amazing.

I had severe scoliosis and could barely walk. Thanks to him, my pain is 90% gone, and I can walk without a problem. He gave me my life back. His staff is very attentive, and he is very thorough. He explained everything to me. I knew I was in good hands. If I had it to do over, I would choose him in a heart beat. Great personality, great bedside manner, and an excellent surgeon.

Satisfied Patient Satisfied Patient September 12, 2017

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