Cervical Spine Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

Have you considered cervical spine surgery in Las Vegas if your neck or back pain keeps you from living comfortably? If so, it’s time to do something about it. At the Spine Institute of Nevada in Las Vegas, NV, our spine surgeries are proven to treat the conditions causing your pain. Our surgeon has 20 years of experience treating spinal conditions through minimally invasive surgery, and our staff is experienced and compassionate. Utilizing trusted, innovative technologies and advancements, our highly skilled medical staff get to know you and your pain so we can end it together.

What is the cervical spine?

The cervical spine consists of the C1 to C7 vertebrae in your neck and the intervertebral discs that provide cushion and flexibility to your spine. A hollow opening in each vertebrae, called the spine canal, houses your spinal cord and nerve bundles. Your spinal cord and nerve bundles branch out of each vertebrae through small openings called foramina and provide feeling and motion to your body.

What are treatments for cervical spine conditions?

Several conditions affect the cervical spine, resulting in pain, numbness, and other symptoms. Bone spurs, disc degeneration, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), and herniated discs are a few conditions that we treat. We’re able to perform a range of options for cervical spine surgery in Las Vegas options when non-surgical treatment fails.

Anterior cervical discectomy and corpectomy

A common An anterior cervical discectomy uses a small incision at the front of your neck to remove the vertebrae and bone spurs that are causing spinal stenosis. The resulting space is either left open or filled with bone or material that will fuse together over time to form a secure support for your spine. If the compression caused by bone spurs affects multiple vertebrae, we’ll likely perform a spine surgery called an anterior cervical corpectomy with the discectomy to allow for more extensive treatment.

Posterior cervical laminectomy

A posterior cervical laminectomy treats stenosis pressure due to bone spurs or thickened ligaments. This cervical spine surgery in Las Vegas that we offer removes the back part of the vertebrae to provide the nerves more room and alleviate painful nerve compression.

Posterior microdiscectomy

A posterior microdiscectomy is a minimally invasive surgery that treats a disc herniation, typically one located on the side of the spine. We’ll make an incision on the back of your neck, allowing for access to the facet joint and nerve root. Some of the joint is removed, the nerves are moved aside, and the herniation is treated.

Facet thermal ablation

Facet thermal ablation reduces the pain experienced from worn facet joints in your neck. Through ablation, we safely and carefully stop the nerves from transmitting pain signals so you find relief.


If your pain is caused by impeded foramina due to spurs or herniation, we can use precision technology to widen the foramina and reduce pressure.


Another minimally invasive surgery option to treat spinal stenosis is a laminotomy. During this cervical spine surgery in Las Vegas, our surgeon removes the top of the affected vertebrae to reduce spinal cord compression and alleviate your symptoms.

Say goodbye to neck and back pain

These are just some of the treatment options we provide to our patients. Our goal is to significantly improve our patients’ quality of life through viable surgical treatments that aren’t open spine surgeries. Whatever your spinal condition, we will work with you to find the best treatment option and relieve your pain.

Stop hurting and consider cervical spine surgery in Las Vegas at the Spine Institute of Nevada. Schedule an evaluation today.

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