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At the Spine Institute of Nevada in Las Vegas, NV, we’re experienced medical professionals devoted to improving your life through reduction or elimination of your back pain. Thoracic pain can be caused by many conditions, from fractures to kyphosis. We perform advanced, minimally invasive thoracic spine surgery treatments to alleviate your discomfort and give you a better life. Our surgeon has been practicing medicine since 1998, and our staff is experienced, compassionate, and professional. Let us help you enjoy life again!

What is the thoracic spine, and when do I need surgery?

The thoracic area of your spine is located between the cervical and lumbar sections, and it can be injured by many things, from trauma to aging. While several conditions can be treated through non-surgical means, there are some conditions that don’t respond to them. Kyphosis (unnatural curvature of the spine), fractures, herniated or bulging discs, scoliosis, and sometimes even arthritis can be treated with thoracic spine surgery if alternative methods fail.

Our surgical approaches

We provide a range of bulging disc surgery and thoracic spine surgery options to treat thoracic conditions. Most surgeries are done via the anterior trans-thoracic approach, where the spine is accessed through your chest, or posterolateral approach, which accesses your spine through your side and part of your back. Using these approaches, instead of going directly through your back, allow for easier healing with less discomfort because they don’t affect as many muscles.

Thoracic discectomy

This minimally invasive bulging disc surgery treats herniated or bulging discs by removing the part of the vertebrae that’s applying pressure to your nerves and causing you pain.

Facet debridement and thermal facet ablation

Facet joints help stabilize, cushion, and support your spine, but sometimes, they can slip out of position or develop bone spurs, causing painful nerve compression. Debridement removes the portion of bone that’s compressing your nerves as well as the damaged tissue around it.

Thermal ablation deadens the pain-causing nerves in your facet joint so you get relief through a minimally invasive thoracic spine surgery.

Thoracic laminotomy

The lamina is the part of your vertebra that helps protect the spinal cord. If a vertebra slips or the lamina develops spurs, however, it can compress your spinal cord. Through thoracic laminotomy, all or part of the lamina is carefully removed to alleviate pain.


Your spinal cord provides movement and feeling to your body through foramina, vertebral openings that allow nerves to access all of your body. When these openings become obstructed, it can push on the nerve bundles, causing extreme pain. A foraminotomy widens the foramina, removing the obstruction and reducing discomfort.

Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty

Both vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty carefully inject bone cement through a small needle or catheter in your spine to treat compression fractures in your vertebrae. These treatments are relatively quick, minimally invasive procedures that reduce discomfort and strengthen the fractured bone.

Spinal fusion surgery

Used to treat severe fractures and other conditions, this procedure utilizes medical hardware or a bone graft to fuse two or more of your vertebrae together, limiting motion to reduce the pain you experience.

Reduced pain, improved life

If you struggle with back pain, come see us at the Spine Institute of Nevada in Las Vegas, NV. We’ll work with you to end your pain and improve your quality of life through our minimally invasive surgeries.

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