Scoliosis, Kyphosis, and Spinal Deformity Treatment

If you are looking for kyphosis, scoliosis, or other spinal deformity treatment in Las Vegas, NV, the Spine Institute of Nevada has the solution for you. Most commonly, spinal deformities are the result of structural changes that alter the spine’s normal alignment. These structural changes frequently manifest as scoliosis and kyphosis. Thankfully, neither condition is life-threatening, but seeking treatment for your spinal deformity can help alleviate back pain and stop the condition from progressing to a dangerous level. Many children suffer from spinal deformities which can affect their growth and development. If you suspect you have a spinal deformity, read on to learn more about your treatment options and contact the Spine Institute of Nevada today to discuss your care.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a spinal deformity characterized by an abnormal curve of the spine. The cause of the curvature and the age at which a patient develops the condition help determine which type of scoliosis they have. The exact cause of scoliosis has yet to be discovered, but detecting it is generally simple. Symptoms can include visibly uneven shoulders, a tendency to lean to one side, or an obvious curve of the spine seen on the back. The condition can also be detected with X-rays, CTs, and MRIs when a more detailed evaluation becomes necessary.

What is Kyphosis?

Kyphosis is characterized by excessive rounding of the back, colloquially referred to as hunchback. A slight curvature of the back is harmless and to be expected, but when the rounding worsens, it can lead to medical issues. Kyphosis can be caused by poor posture or have congenital origins. Congenital kyphosis occurs most commonly in infants and small children and is the result of malformation in the womb. The Spine Institute of Nevada treats common, congenital, nutritional, neuromuscular, and degenerative kyphosis.

How is Scoliosis Treated?

Here at the Spine Institute of Nevada, Dr. Archie Perry and his team provide the best quality care for spinal deformity treatment. Because the risks of scoliosis depend on the severity of the condition, we begin our treatment with careful monitoring and observation. We recommend braces for children whose bones are still growing and for patients whose scoliosis has progressed. Braces prevent further progression of the curve, but unfortunately, they do not reverse or cure it. Braces only need to be worn for as long as the bones are growing. If the brace is not enough to prevent the progression, or the curve is significantly large, spinal fusion surgery is an option. This procedure allows Dr. Perry to straighten the spine. In terms of pain management, therapy, braces, shoe inserts, and exercise are all recommended options.

How is Treat Kyphosis Treated?

There are several treatment options for kyphosis as well. Back braces and painkillers can help minimize the pain, but they do not provide solutions to the underlying condition. Exercise and physiotherapy can also help with mild to moderate cases. At our office, we monitor our kyphosis patients regularly to determine how their kyphosis is developing and progressing. In the most severe cases, surgery is used as a last resort.

Why is Treatment Important for Spinal Deformity?

Treating your spinal deformity could be as simple as wearing a back brace or incorporating specific exercises into your routine. Why choose to live with back pain hindering your daily activities when Dr. Perry and our team at the Spine Institute of Nevada can find solutions to help you relieve your pain and prevent the progression of your condition. Most spinal deformities are not life-threatening, but they can still threaten your way of life. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your mobility due to the curvature of your spine. Choose our expert team to conduct the spine care you deserve.

How Old Must a Patient Be to Receive Treatment?

Because spinal deformities can affect those of all ages, we provide our services for patients of any age. If you suspect you or your child suffers from a spinal deformity like scoliosis or kyphosis, there is no need to delay the care you could receive. We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options, so whatever the state of your condition, we have the resources to help.

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