How to Sit in Front of a Computer

If you think that only movers and construction workers put their backs at risk everyday on the job, you would be mistaken. When working at a computer, it is common to curve your back and hunch close to your screen, which can cause back strain . The good news is that there are a few simple techniques you can use to keep your back healthy, even when you have to work on a computer for long hours.

With this video, learn how to protect your back from computer-related strain. You’ll learn about the importance of sitting up straight with your hips pressed to the back of your chair and how a footrest can help you maintain that position. You’ll also hear why your monitor should be at eye level.

If working at a computer has your back aching, call the Spine Institute of Nevada at (702) 239-3787 . We can get you out of pain and help you develop good working habits to protect your spine.