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Food sources of calcium

Compression fractures of the spine are most commonly caused by osteoporosis, although they can also occur due to trauma or tumors of the spine. These fractures typically cause mild to severe back pain that may be debilitating. Preventing spinal fractures and the associated back pain can be done by strengthening the bones and the muscles that surround them. Undergoing osteoporosis treatments are also a good way to help prevent back pain and fractures.

Eat a Balanced Diet

There are several vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for bone strength. As you age, your bones lose a lot of these key nutrients, making them weaker. The top nutrient necessary for healthy bones is calcium. If your diet isn’t naturally rich in calcium, you can take daily calcium supplements. Vitamin D is also important for bone strength. You can get vitamin D by eating green and leafy vegetables, spending time in the sun, and, if necessary, taking vitamin supplements. Talk to your Nevada spine doctor about whether you should be taking calcium or vitamin D supplements.

Exercise Often

The muscles surrounding your spine play a vital role in keeping your vertebrae strong and healthy. Back exercises can help strengthen this area and reduce back pain. Your spinal doctor can recommend an exercise program to follow each day. If you need more help strengthening your back and fighting spinal compression fractures, you may benefit from physical therapy.

Use Medications as Needed

There are several medications available that can help slow down or prevent osteoporosis. Since this condition is the leading cause of spinal compression fractures, these medications can also help with their prevention. When you see a Nevada spine doctor for back pain, talk about the various medications available and how they can help you prevent painful spinal fractures.

If you are at risk for spinal compression fractures, follow these tips to begin strengthening your spine and preventing back pain. For the latest in spinal diagnostics and treatment, come to the Spine Institute of Nevada. We offer our patients friendly, compassionate care paired with leading medical knowledge of spinal problems and injuries. Call 702-239-3787 to schedule an appointment.