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Exercises for Healty Spine, Las Vegas

Most spinal problems that cause back or neck pain can be prevented by taking a series of precautions to protect and strengthen your spine. A little care and education now can prevent problems with your back and neck in the future:

1. Practice Good Posture

Your spine naturally has three curves: a small hollow at the base of you neck, a small round at your mid-back, and another small hollow at your lower back. To maintain this natural curvature it is important to maintain a neutral spine, whether you’re sitting or standing.

2. Use Good Body Mechanics

Most people know to bend their knees when they lift something, but it’s also important to maintain a neutral spine while lifting. An ergonomic work area, both at home and at work, will help you use good body mechanics throughout the day, which is essential in helping to maintain a healthy spine.

3. Exercise Regularly

When you exercise, you are less likely to suffer a back injury or back pain, and you will be faster to recover should you incur an injury. Focus on three types of exercise every week:

  • Strength training of your abdominal muscles and back will help stabilize the spine.
  • Stretching helps maintain flexibility for the natural movement of your body.
  • Aerobic exercise helps heart and lung function; can decrease spinal pain; and helps you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, which can take undue stress off your back.
4. Hydration

Proper water intake will keep your joints lubricated and elastic. Water is also essential to good overall health.

To learn more about your spinal health, or to help find a course of treatment for your back pain or neck pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Perry of the Spinal Institute of Nevada. Dr. Perry is a board-certified surgeon who uses the latest techniques to resolve your cervical, thoracic, or lumbar pain. Call us at 702-239-3787 to schedule your appointment today!