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Painful Neck

Spine surgery is the only major medical procedure that has a specific syndrome associated with its failure. Failed back surgery syndrome, or FBSS is chronic pain in the leg or back felt after spinal surgery. In order to remedy this problem, more minimally invasive surgical techniques have become widely used that make healing easier and surgery more successful. However, traditional spine surgery is still commonly performed, and this procedure may leave you in pain from a variety of potential complications. Read on to learn about the complications associated with traditional spine surgery and how revision surgery can help:


Some pain and discomfort are natural in the healing process after surgery, but pain reminiscent of what you experienced before surgery or pain that is worse than it was before should be addressed by a spine surgeon. The goal of back surgery is to help you regain your ability to move freely. If this is not the case, your back has not healed successfully from the first procedure. Since the spine is made of living tissue, even seemingly successful surgeries can end in FBSS.

Revision Surgery

The success of revision surgery will be highly dependent on the original condition affecting the back as well as the exact cause of failure in the first surgery. The doctor will work closely with you to fully understand your symptoms and the complications that have occurred from the first surgery. To minimize further issues with your surgery, the Spine Institute of Nevada utilizes the most advanced minimally invasive techniques that eliminate problematic scar tissue, bleeding, and infection.

Find out how you can live comfortably after failed back surgery by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Perry of the Spine Institute of Nevada. Contact us on our website or call 702-239-3787 for complete information about our surgical services.