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Common Issues That Teens Can Have With Back Braces By Spine Institute Of Nevada

Wearing a back brace is a helpful way of treating scoliosis in teens, but it can also cause several concerns for young patients. Fortunately, with the help of a spine doctor and parental support, teens with scoliosis can overcome their worries about wearing a back brace and get the treatment they need. Here are some of the issues that teens frequently face when they wear back braces and what you can do about them.

My Brace Isn’t Comfortable

Getting a brace for the first time can require a period of adjustment. As teens get used to wearing a brace, they may initially find it uncomfortable. Fortunately, this period passes, and most teens get fully accustomed to wearing the brace as directed by their spine doctor. In some cases, teens even end up missing the brace when they no longer have to wear it. Concentrating on family and friends and remembering that the brace is only temporary can help teens cope with the adjustment period.

I Don’t Want Kids at School to See My Brace

In most cases, scoliosis braces are barely noticeable under clothing, and most people have no idea when someone is wearing one. However, many teens eventually find that talking to their friends and classmates about their brace is empowering and help them to build a bigger support network. Many people simply don’t understand scoliosis or treatment through bracing and become supportive once it is explained to them.

My Brace Is Going to Stop Me From Doing My Favorite Things

There are very few activity restrictions associated with braces, and spine doctors can also tailor treatment plans to accommodate their patients’ lifestyles. Teens who are worried about wearing braces for school dances, sleepovers, and other activities may be able to take a break from wearing their braces at those times if they plan accordingly.

At the Spine Institute of Nevada, our spine doctor in Las Vegas understands the concerns of our scoliosis patients and helps them achieve relief from their spine problems with compassionate care. Find out more about the treatments we provide to help patients overcome their spinal deformities by calling 702-239-3787.