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Treatment for adult scoliosis in Las Vegas, Nevada


Many people think of scoliosis as a childhood illness, but it can and does strike during adulthood as well. In adults, degenerative scoliosis is the most common form. It is caused by a deterioration of the facet joints, similar to osteoarthritis, and causes the spine to curve to one side. The pain can be severe, unlike scoliosis in younger patients, and the treatment options for adults are different. If you see a spine doctor near Las Vegas for your scoliosis, here are some of the treatments he or she may recommend.

Pain Medications

Medications used to treat osteoarthritis are also used to treat adult scoliosis. These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), including over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen as well as prescription medicines such as Celebrex. Epidural injections and facet injections can also be used to decrease inflammation that is causing pain.

Lifestyle Changes and Therapy

Excess weight exacerbates many back problems, including adult scoliosis. By losing weight, you can decrease the pressure on your facet joints to ease the pain. Physical therapy, water therapy, and chiropractic care can also be helpful in relieving pressure on the facet joints and building muscle strength in the back. Be sure to consult with your spine doctor before undergoing any kind of therapy.


If non-surgical treatments are not successful in relieving pain and increasing mobility, then spinal surgery may be the answer. Typically, spinal decompression and spinal fusion are performed to treat adult scoliosis. Pain can linger for up to 12 months following surgery, so it is only recommended for patients with severe scoliosis.

The Spine Institute of Nevada treats scoliosis in patients of all ages using both non-surgical and surgical remedies. Don’t let back problems leave you on the sidelines. Make an appointment today by contacting us at 702-239-3787, and get on the road to living pain-free.