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Vertebroplasty Procedure in Las Vegas

If you suffer from back pain or neck pain that isn’t responding to conservative treatments like bed rest and physical therapy, vertebroplasty could be the answer for you. This procedure provides immediate pain relief for many patients, and since it is minimally invasive, the recovery doesn’t require a long hospital stay. Here’s what you need to know about the vertebroplasty procedure and how it could help you beat your back pain.

What a Vertebroplasty Is

During a vertebroplasty, the doctor injects cement into tiny fractures in your vertebrae. This cement strengthens and stabilizes the vertebrae, putting an end to your back pain. The procedure can be performed using local or general anesthesia, and there is no hospital stay required. Most patients experience pain relief immediately, while others get gradual relief in the days following the procedure.

What a Vertebroplasty Is Used to Treat

Vertebroplasty procedures are used to treat vertebral compression fractures or VCFs. These fractures are usually the result of osteoporosis, but can also be caused by cancer. The fractures allow your vertebrae to collapse, pinching your spinal nerves and causing pain. When the cracks are filled with cement, the compression of the nerve is stopped, so the pain disappears.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Vertebroplasty

Only a spine specialist can decide if vertebroplasty is the right choice for your back pain. The procedure is generally well-tolerated, and surgeons frequently use it when patients aren’t able to have open back surgery because of their age or because their bones are too weak. Your doctor may recommend a different procedure if you have a herniated disc, arthritic back pain, or chronic vertebral fractures. If you have a lung condition that makes it difficult to lie on your stomach for the one to two-hour procedure, your doctor may also choose a different treatment.

The Spine Institute of Nevada performs vertebroplasty procedures on-site, and we also offer non-invasive treatment options. If you’re experiencing back pain or neck pain, contact us today at 702-239-3787 to schedule an appointment.