• What to Expect from Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

    If you’re scheduled for cervical disc replacement surgery , you are probably wondering what to expect from the procedure. This spinal surgery is performed for patients with neck, shoulder, and arm pain that hasn’t responded to non-surgical treatment. After recovering from your procedure, you should experience a significant reduction in discomfort and an increase in […]

  • Are You a Good Candidate for Lumbar Disc Replacement?

    The flexible intervertebral discs offer considerable protection for the rigid vertebrae on either side of them. With every movement of the spinal column, these discs cushion the vertebrae and absorb the pressure placed on them. So should these discs begin to break down, it can lead to significant and persistent back pain. If you suffer […]

  • Spotlight on Surgical Disc Replacement

    The spinal discs are soft yet resilient pads that serve as shock absorbers to help keep the spine flexible and strong. There are discs between each set of spinal vertebrae, which ideally stay in line with the rest of the spine. After certain injuries or as a result of age-related degeneration, however, spinal discs may […]