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Surgical Disc Replacement

The spinal discs are soft yet resilient pads that serve as shock absorbers to help keep the spine flexible and strong. There are discs between each set of spinal vertebrae, which ideally stay in line with the rest of the spine. After certain injuries or as a result of age-related degeneration, however, spinal discs may lose their volume and protrude outward, leading to a wide range of problems for patients. Friction can occur as spinal vertebrae make contact, or the protruding disc may irritate a nearby nerve and lead to numbness of the extremities in addition to back pain.

Surgical disc replacement is a procedure that is intended to address a single herniated or collapsed disc in younger patients who are able to recover somewhat quickly. During the procedure, the damaged disc will be removed through minimally invasive surgical techniques. An artificial disk will be implanted in its place to preserve the flexibility and natural movement of the spine.

Surgical disc replacement is just one of many minimally invasive surgical procedures provided at the Spine Institute of Nevada under the care of a surgeon, Dr. Archie C. Perry. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Perry and meet our entire spine care team, contact us at 702-239-3787 or visit our website today.