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Spinal Problems, Las Vegas

Back pain and neck pain can occur suddenly due to physical trauma. Spine problems may also develop gradually over a period of years or decades. There are many potential risk factors for spine problems, including genetics and advancing age. However, not all risk factors are uncontrollable. By making smart decisions about your lifestyle, you can reduce the risk that you’ll need spine surgery for back pain later in life.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Regular physical activity is essential for overall health and for back health in particular. Individuals who are physically fit have a reduced risk of suffering from back pain and developing injuries that affect the back. Additionally, physically fit individuals are typically better able to recuperate from back injuries when they do occur. On the other hand, leading a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk that an injury will occur and it increases the severity of the back pain.

Excessive Body Weight

You may already know that excess body weight places you at a greater risk of knee pain. But did you know that it can also contribute to poor back health? Being overweight or obese places additional stress on the lumbar region of the spine, which is the lower back.

Tobacco Use

Smoking has been strongly linked to a vast array of health problems, including lower back pain. Specifically, tobacco use may increase the risk of lumbar spondylosis, which is a condition that involves the degeneration of the intervertebral discs and the growth of bony spurs along the spine.

Poor Posture

You may not think that slouching at your desk will significantly harm your health. However, if you sustain poor posture on a long-term basis, you have a much greater risk of suffering back and neck pain.

If you do develop back pain or neck pain, turn to the caring professionals at the Spine Institute of Nevada. Dr. Perry is a leading spine surgeon with extensive experience in minimally invasive cervical, thoracic, and lumbar procedures. Residents throughout the Las Vegas area can schedule an appointment today by calling 702-239-3787.