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Neck pain is among the most common medical complaints. Many people suffer from chronic neck pain because of improper posture while sleeping. Often, this is due to an improper height of the pillow. If the pillow is too high, the neck bends too far. You can improve your sleeping posture by selecting an ergonomic pillow. Remember to replace your pillow as soon as it becomes worn out.

Another common cause of neck pain is improper posture while working at a desk. You can see examples of what to do and what not to do while working by watching this video. When you watch this clip from “The Doctors” TV show, you’ll also see a simple, inexpensive fix for improving the ergonomics of your office chair.

The Spine Institute of Nevada offers cutting-edge techniques to treat your neck pain and improve your quality of life. Residents of the Las Vegas area and throughout Nevada can learn more about our treatments by calling 702-239-3787.