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Signs that Indicate People are Suffering from Scoliosis.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of scoliosis, getting diagnosed is crucial so you get can treatment to help prevent further damage to your spine. Although scoliosis is most commonly diagnosed during childhood, it can and does develop in adults as well, so don’t ignore the symptoms at any age. Here are some of the signs which indicate that you could be suffering from scoliosis.

Uneven Shoulders

With scoliosis, the spine becomes curved, which can cause the shoulders to become uneven. One shoulder may look noticeably higher than the other. Likewise, one shoulder blade may protrude more prominently than the other. This is caused by the spine pushing one side of the shoulder up and out due to the abnormal curve.

Uneven Waist

In much the same way that it alters the shoulders, scoliosis can change the appearance of the waist. The waist may look uneven, and one hip may be higher than the other. This can cause a difference in the length of the legs. For some people with scoliosis, this can be the first sign of the disease. They may notice that one pant leg is always longer than the other because the hips are uneven.


Not all cases of scoliosis cause pain. Mild cases are often difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are so minimal. However, with severe scoliosis or with scoliosis that progresses without treatment, pain is a common symptom. The spine may begin to twist and push on the ribs. In addition to making one side of the ribs push out further than the other, this can also put pressure on the spinal nerves and the lungs. As a result, people with scoliosis often develop chronic back pain. Breathing difficulties are also possible, and in extreme cases, heart damage can occur.

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