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Invasive Spine Surgery in Nevada

Close to 20 percent of sports-related injuries occur in the lower back or neck. While exercise is essential for overall health, those who play sports have a higher risk of injury, and injuries to the spine are often severe and cause lasting damage. Lower your risk by understanding the causes and effects of spinal injuries.

Causes of Spinal Sports Injuries

Spinal deterioration can be caused by any sport that involves running or other high-impact up-and-down motion, as the discs of the spine are put under tremendous pressure with every step. Improper form in activities as diverse as golf, weight lifting, and bicycling can cause back strain as well. Severe injuries can be caused by contact sports like football or through impact with hard surfaces in sports like skiing or skateboarding. Jumps that are not landed properly in these sports can lead to permanent spine injury and even paralysis.

Health Implications

Symptoms can range from minor to severe. If your back feels sore after working out, try to correct your form and strengthen your core muscles to prevent further damage. If the injury is to the spine, and not your muscles, the damage can be much more difficult to heal. Severe spinal injuries can rob you of your mobility, and even your life, so making efforts to avoid them is well worth your time.

How You Can Prevent Injury

Always warm-up and stretch before beginning any sporting activity. Use proper equipment, and wear shoes that fit and support you. Do not attempt jumps, tackles, or other high-risk challenges for which you do not feel totally prepared. Have a coach or other professional check your form to make sure you are properly executing all movements and not straining your muscles.

If you have questions about how to prevent sports injuries or have suffered an injury or pain in your back, contact the Spine Institute of Nevada. Visit our Las Vegas office or call us today at 702-239-3787.