5 Facts About Scoliosis

anatomy of the lumbar spine

Spinal Scoliosis X-ray, Las Vegas

Scoliosis is a spinal deformity in which the curvature of the spine is abnormal. The spine is supposed to feature four curves from front to back that help support the weight of the body. Individuals with scoliosis have a sideways curvature in the spine that can affect posture and movement. To help you understand this condition a little better, here are some basic facts about it:

1. Most scoliosis cases are not severe: Scoliosis is typically diagnosed during childhood, and it tends to be mild enough that it does not interfere with daily activities. Still, monitoring with regular x-rays may be recommended by the doctor to be sure that the curvature is not worsening.

2. Scoliosis rarely requires surgery: Many cases of scoliosis can be resolved with either no treatment or bracing of the spine. However, when the condition is interfering with the health and comfort of the patient, spine fusion surgery can be used to correct the spinal curvature.

3. The hips and shoulders may become misaligned: The curvature of a spine affected by scoliosis can occur gradually, so other symptoms might be the indicator of a problem. Sometimes, one shoulder blade may be more prominent than the other, and in some cases, the hips can become off balance.

4. Scoliosis is more common in girls: Sudden growth spurts are often the cause for scoliosis, and young girls are likely to experience this condition in adolescence because they grow quickly at younger ages than boys.

5. Home therapies can help scoliosis-related discomfort: Simply performing stretches and exercises that focus on building strength in the spine can relieve fatigue and pain related to scoliosis. Your doctor can offer tips on the most beneficial activities for your specific case.

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