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    Individuals suffering from back pain do not need to resign themselves to a lifetime of physical anguish. Medical advances have made it possible to correct many spine-related issues with minimally invasive procedure. To learn more about these conditions and their modes of treatment, explore the following resources.

    • Scoliosis is a condition that curves the spine from side to side. MedicineNet.com lists its causes, symptoms, and treatment options.
    • Kyphosis produces a curving of the spine which results in a rounded back. The U.S. National Library of Medicine describes ways it can be corrected and prevented.
    • Individuals who suffer vertebral fractures due to osteoporosis or other debilitating factors may be candidates for percutaneous vertebroplasty, a procedure that injects a cement-like substance into the vertebra to stabilize and strengthen it. The American Academy of Family Physicians details how this works.
    • For more information about discectomy and what to expect after the procedure, read through this guide from the Mayo Clinic.

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  • Procedure Profile: Cervical Discectomy

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    Individuals suffering from neck pain may be experiencing cervical disc disease. This condition occurs when one or more of the discs that lie between the vertebrae deteriorate or are damaged by disease or injury. Symptoms of disc abnormality can manifest in a number of ways, ranging from muscle spasms, to constant pain, to arm numbness due to pressure on the surrounding spinal nerves. Though non-invasive measures are initially used for treatment, surgery may be required if symptoms persist or worsen.

    What is a cervical discectomy?

    Cervical discectomy involves the removal of a disc that has been damaged by disc disease in the upper region of the spine. The disc is typically removed to eliminate pressure or pinching on the spinal cord or nerves, thus alleviating the pain and other symptoms that the patient has been experiencing. Depending on the location of the abnormal disc, the surgeon may access the spinal column from the front or back of the neck. After the disc is removed, the surrounding vertebrae are fused together to better support the back and prevent future fractures.

    When is a cervical discectomy required?

    The beginning stages of cervical disc disease may be treated with the application of heat or ice to the area and pain relief medications. In more severe cases, individuals may consider physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, or exercises to strengthen the affected area. However, if these remedies prove ineffective, cervical discectomy made be sought as an alternative option.

    Are there any side effects to a cervical discectomy?

    As with any type of surgery, some discomfort and recovery time is to be expected after the procedure is completed. However, a cervical discectomy can be a minimally invasive process if performed correctly. The less invasive the treatment, the quicker the recovery time will be for the patient.

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  • About the Cervical Part of the Spine

    The spinal column can be divided into three sections: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. The cervical area constitutes the first seven vertebrae of the spine and is responsible for neck support and movement.

    Each vertebra works to stabilize and protect the spinal cord, and between each vertebra is an intervertebral disc. You can learn more about the specific components of the cervical spine by watching this clip.

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