• Common Causes of Compression Fractures

    Compression fractures refer to the collapse of vertebral bodies, which are bones in the spine. The pain of compression fractures is often described as being “knife-like.” Although compression fractures can be debilitating, there are treatment options available to patients. A spine doctor will usually recommend non-surgical treatment options like rest and medications first, followed by […]

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    What Causes Pinched Nerves in the Spine?

    When a nerve is somehow compressed or impinged, it may be referred to as a pinched or irritated nerve. A pinched spinal nerve can develop when any of the surrounding structures or tissues fail to give the nerve enough space. In some cases, this may require spine surgery to address, such as when bone spurs […]

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    Taking a Closer Look at Spinal Stenosis

    If you’re experiencing persistent back pain , it may be time to visit a spine doctor. You may be diagnosed with spinal stenosis if you have symptoms such as pain that radiates either down to the legs or through the shoulders and arms. The pain may be accompanied by numbness, weakness, and a “pins and […]

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    Signs That You’re a Good Candidate for Spine Surgery

    The decision to have spine surgery should not be taken lightly. Every surgical procedure carries some risk of complications and patients can be sidelined for a while during their recovery. Most patients who suffer from back pain do not need spine surgery ; conservative treatment options are typically sufficient. However, there are some circumstances in […]