• How to Keep Your Back Healthy

    If you suffer from spine problems or back problems, you may need to visit a spine doctor for treatment. A spine docto r or spine surgeon can recommend various treatment options, including minimally invasive surgery. Watch this video for tips on how to keep your back healthy so you can avoid spine problems. In the […]

  • Understanding Upper Back Pain

    Upper back pain is less common than neck or lower back pain, but when it does occur, it can cause extreme discomfort. When you seek treatment for upper back pain, it’s important to choose a spine doctor with experience in treating this region of the back, particularly if you need surgery. If you’re suffering from […]

  • Understanding Lumbar Laminectomy

    If you’re suffering from back problems in Las Vega s, a lumbar laminectomy could be the solution. This minimally invasive surgery is used to treat nerve pain in the back. Only a small incision is required, so patient recovery time is short. Your spine surgeon may recommend a lumbar laminectomy if you have a pinched […]

  • Breaking Down Myths About Back Pain

    While back pain is one of the most common reasons for American adults to miss work and visit the ER, there are still many misconceptions that surround the causes and treatment options for this problem. This article will reveal the facts behind a handful of back pain myths to clear up any misunderstanding you may […]